About the challenge

Without warning, at almost any time of day or night, motorists can suddenly encounter wildlife crossing rural roads. These dangerous wildlife-vehicle collisions occur year-round, and pose a threat to rural area residents and travelers alike.

These collisions are not only a matter of safety, but can be quite costly as well. The insurance industry pays out nearly $1.8 billion a year in claims for all wildlife-vehicle collisions nationwide. The average property damage cost of animal-vehicle collisions is estimated at $4,000.

To address this unique problem that has plagued drivers and wildlife for years, CDOT’s RoadX program is hosting the Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions (WVC) Challenge.

This incentive-based challenge aims to empower and encourage problem solvers to submit innovative, technology-focused and even unconventional implementable concepts that address wildlife-vehicle collisions for the opportunity to receive a cash prize. In doing so, the Challenge will engage constituents and stakeholders to proactively deploy these ideas in rural areas across the country, ultimately improving national rural road safety.

Rules & Guidelines