Rural Road Issues

Rural roads are essential to our nation’s vitality; they total more than six million lane-miles nationwide, and are often the lifeline to an area’s natural resources, tourist destinations, energy sources and food supply. An effective transportation is essential to the success of rural communities nationwide; reliable roads and highways connect rural regions with nearby cities and bordering states, providing access to jobs and opportunities for health care and education.

Unfortunately, while rural roads carry less than half of America’s traffic, they account for over half of the nation’s vehicular deaths. Crashes tend to be high-impact, and four out of five are run-off-the-road crashes. Many result from hard-to-see hazards like wildlife in the road, soft shoulders and sudden sharp curves.

CDOT’s RoadX program is looking for innovative and technology-focused (and maybe even unconventional) ideas to solve these problems that have plagued drivers on U.S. rural roads for years. The Rural Road Safety Challenge hopes to gather ideas that will work on rural roads nationwide.

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