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Rural roads carry less than half of America’s traffic, yet they account for over half of the nation’s vehicular deaths.1 In 2015, rural areas accounted for 53 percent of the 35,092 traffic fatalities nationwide.1 In an effort to address a variety of problems that contribute to rural road fatalities, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is hosting the Rural Safety Challenge.

The Rural Road Safety Challenge

The Rural Road Safety Challenge is a multi-year incentivized prize competition that asks innovators, entrepreneurs and good ole fashioned problem-solvers to submit ideas for technological innovations that would improve the safety of rural roads.

The goal of the challenge is to solicit innovative technological solutions to protect our most valuable assets–our people–from the potential hazards that can arise on rural roads across the country.

The challenge is open to innovators, rural safety groups and entrepreneur communities –anyone looking to address real transportation safety issues across the country.

The challenge will consist of three separate, incentive-based Idea-thons, each focused on a different key rural transportation issue: Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions, Soft Shoulders and Sharp Turns.

The first challenge will launch in September 2018 and focus on Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions.

You can submit an idea as an individual or as part of team, classroom, company or community. Your idea could be what reverses this trend and improves the safety of our nation’s roads forever.

To submit an idea, or to learn more about this incentivized cash-prize competition, see below.

Submission deadline February 28, 2019

The challenge Challenge Closed